Change of address in the United States

Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) Section 265(a) requires each alien to notify Attorney General in writing of each change of address and new address in the United States within ten days from the date of such change of address. Aliens residing in the United States with a visa or green card need to comply with this requirement of change of address by submitting form AR-11. Form AR-11 (change of address) can be submitted online.  We are providing this form below with instructions on how to...

Trips report

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(Русский) переводчик в Сан-Франциско

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фотографии на паспорт

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Education Requirements

Education Requirements To be eligible for Deferred Action, one must be in school or have graduated from High School. High School diploma will satisfy this requirement. In the alternative, the applicant may take GED and attach a copy of the GED Certificate to the Deferred Action application. Students who are enrolled in High School should enclose proof of enrollment. U.S. Army or Coast Guard veterans who have been honorably discharged are not required to meet the education requirement for Deferred Action. Education...
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